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The Mended Home Services

If a specific service is not listed we can still help! Contact us today to get your next home repair or improvement underway.

Organized Cubicles


Save yourself the troubles of confusing or missing instructions from "pre-boxed" furniture and let us do it for you.

Loose Tiles


Ready for that new tile backsplash, dishwasher or washer/dryer? If so, we say, out with the old and in with the new. We can take on a vast array of your home projects.



A plumbing issue can not only become an inconvenience but could also wreak havoc on your home if not repaired in a timely manner. From faucets to toilets we can keep water where it's supposed to be or not be.

*Residential Service Only



Add the details you like to your home to create a one of a kind custom look! From crown molding to door casings we can give your home the finishing touches it deserves.

Installing Shelves


No matter how small a project, regular maintenance can help you save money in the future. We can take care of your honey-do list to prevent small projects from becoming an overwhelming list that seems impossible to tackle.



Complete upgrade of a room or some added details? We can be of service to your remodeling projects.

Electrical Work


Do you need some basic electrical work that seems too small for an electrical contractor? We can install new electrical fixtures and in many instances repair existing ones. *Residential Service Only

Power Washing Bench


Need to freshen up your siding, deck or patio? We've got youcovered!



Our repair services can correct issues that may have missed their maintenance opportunity. Not to worry, we can find the fix that is just right.

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