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The Mended Home Services

If a specific service is not listed we can still help! Contact us today to get your next home repair or improvement underway.



The attic is often overlooked as a source of potential issues. Attics play a vital role in the health of your home. Neglected  or ignored issues can lead to higher energy cost and can even lessen the lifespan of your roof and other structural components. Contact us to take care of any attic issues that may be looming over head.



Out of date? Out of style? Missing out on your dreams while sleeping in a bedroom design of decades past? We can help you make the changes you want. We are just an email, text or phone call away.

Working from Home


Having trouble staying focused when working at home?  Maybe it's time for a more functional home office space. We can even assist with your home networking and tech needs.

Urban Living Space


Are your living & dining room serving all the needs of your family and guest alike? These rooms should offer comfort for daily living yet have a touch of design for special occasions with family and friends.  If there seems to be a design element missing from your space call us today!

Empty Shelves


Utilizing your basement can be a great way to create additional storage in your house or better yet an extra space for a family game room. We can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Varnishing the Deck


Neglecting routine deck maintenance, such as wood rot repair or staining, could cost you down the road. Regular maintenance & repairs will keep your decks in shape for many years.

Pool Cleaning


Owning a pool is great way to relax and entertain guests, but as you know they require some time to maintain. Need a hand with your pool's opening & closing? We've got it covered or uncovered, depending on the season. If you need a replacement pump, timer, new sand in the filter or seasonal maintenance, we can dive into those projects too! 

Bathroom Toilet


Bathrooms are one of the most utilized rooms in the house. Whether a bathroom needs some maintenance or a whole remodel we're here for you.

Garage Construction


Is your garage filled with more than just vehicles? Stored items can become overwhelming. However, there are many product options to organize your garage for more functionality. If your garage is already organized but you're having issues with the door, keeping it warm or any other problems, we can help you with those too.

Modern Kitchen


The kitchen is the room of all rooms. When something in the kitchen is not functional it disrupts our day to day living. That's why it's important to keep everything in tip-top shape or maybe it's just time for a major overhaul.

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