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The Mended Home Services

If a specific service is not listed we can still help! Contact us today to get your next home repair or improvement underway.



Cracks, missing texture or new paint, ceilings in good repair can not only improve the look of your home but could also provide some energy savings.



We provide hardwood, tile and other types of flooring installs. If your current floors need refinishing or repair we can help you with that as well. At this time we do not offer wall to wall carpet installation but would be pleased to recommend other professionals within our service area.

Home Entrance


Exterior and interior doors should work as they are designed, however overtime doors can become drafty and or sticky, just a little maintenance can go a long way. A new door or some minor repair can add some savings to your energy cost as well.

Drywall Repair and Restoration


Did you end up with a hole in wall after moving that furniture? Let us take the repair off your to-do list in an efficient manner.

Grey House


"Curb Appeal" seems to be the buzz word these days, how does your home stack up? Maintenance, repairs and upgrades to the exterior of your home will not only improve the design but function as well. We offer many services to keep the exterior of your home neat & clean.

Window Installation


Have a window that will not open or stay open? We can make it right, from replacing a broken sash cord, new glazing and/or glass or a whole new replacement.

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